Mobile Repairing Services

Your guide to Mobile Repairing in Oman

We present to you in "Cleopatra" a brief guide on mobile phone maintenance, where we will put you on a systematic map to identify the best way to deal with mobile phone faults, and how to avoid all problems that may affect it.

Factors that you consider when choosing a service center

Mobile Repairing centers vary in Oman and vary, but we in "Cleopatra" differ from others, because our center is among the largest approved maintenance centers in Oman, thanks to:

  • We have been serving the Omani market for nearly 20 years.
  • We have technicians and engineers with great experience in fixing all faults in the mobile phone.
  • Speed and intuition in fixing all problems facing the phone.
  • The possibility of repairing cell phones from home.
  • Technical courses and training that technicians receive periodically, to find out the last
  • Maintenance work developments.

The best Mobile Repairing services in Oman

At "Cleopatra", we always work to complete our work with high quality, accuracy and professionalism, because we strive to satisfy all customers, convinced of the role that we offer to our customers, until we were classified within one of the best certified maintenance centers in Oman.

Fix all crashes
Our engineers are skilled at identifying all problems that afflict with the mobile phone, through the skills and experience they have acquired over the years to know the location of the defect arising when repairing the mobile phone, and among the most prominent problems and malfunctions that can be inflicted on the phone:

  • Fix scratches and cracked screen.
  • Repair of the internal speaker and the external amplifier.
  • Repairing damaged wires and internal parts in the mobile phone.
  • Dressing all parts that are not attached to it in their natural place.
  • Providing many tips on the best way to protect the phone from damage.