If you are looking for a mobile service provider in Muscat for your expensive phone you should exert some efforts to get the excellent service with the right price, but the good thing is that you won’t have to visit them again for the same problem in near future.

5 Important Factors to Consider When Looking for A Mobile Phone Repair Service Provider


One of these factors is the mobile repair shop location, look for a convenient place that is near to you where you can go there without wasting too much time, and if you are out of the country consider some places where you can go through public transportation.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

It is very important to check the mobile repair shop website, where you know all about the service they provide, rating, and their customers feedback, and if they were able to solve a similar problem to yours or not, or if they have the right mobile repairing tools and thus you can do a quick comparison to what suits you more. And bear in mind that if you can’t go through this information, there might be something suspicious about it.

Good Reputation

It is the sign of the quality of the service and the customers satisfaction, start asking your friends about their recommendation for good places, you can also go online and check reviews on mobile services in Oman like Google and Yelp, hence you can avoid shops have been reported negatively.


When you look for a mobile repair shop, always remember to consider years of experience and the period they have spent in the business, they probably worked with many electronic devices and phone brands, it indicates that they have gained people trust. Having wide range of knowledge in smartphones repair along with testing and quality control are the things that only a reliable mobile repair shop can offer you.


It is one of the main things you have to consider when you fix a phone is the cost, before going to a mobile repair shop just make sure that they will charge you upon predetermined price list, also, check if there are any other hidden service prices that you have to pay. A good mobile repair shop provides quality service with affordable price, higher price doesn’t always mean high quality, so take your time to compare costs with other service providers, and if you find yourself are overcharged, it might be better to get a new phone.