DLC Garment Steamer 36104

DLC Garment Steamer 36104

Clickon Ck 2132 Heavy Iron 2kg

Clickon Ck 2132 Heavy Iron 2kg

TEFAL FV-2843M0 2600W Steam Iron

Faster and Easier ironing* Design to deliver quick and long lasting performance, Powergliss will help you tackle your ironing tasks in no time. Equipped with 2600W of power along with up to 210g/min of steam boost for efficient ironing, it also comes with a durable Ceramic soleplate and a large water tank for stress-free ironing sessions

1. **Preparation**:

- Place the TEFAL FV-2843M0 Steam Iron on a stable and flat surface, such as an ironing board or table.
- Fill the water tank with clean water. Avoid overfilling, following the manufacturer's instructions.

2. **Plug In and Heat Up**:
- Plug the iron into a suitable power outlet.
- Turn on the power switch and select the desired temperature setting using the temperature control dial.
- Wait for the iron to heat up; an indicator light typically signals when it's ready for use.

3. **Garment Preparation**:
- Prepare the garment you wish to iron by ensuring it is clean and free from any wrinkles.
- Lay the garment flat on the ironing board or another suitable surface.

4. **Ironing**:
- Hold the TEFAL FV-2843M0 Steam Iron by the handle and glide the soleplate smoothly over the fabric in straight, even strokes.
- Apply gentle pressure as needed to remove wrinkles and creases. For stubborn wrinkles, you may need to iron the same area multiple times.
- For additional steam, press the steam trigger or button located on the iron's handle.

5. **Power Off and Storage**:
- Once you've finished ironing, turn off the power switch and unplug the iron from the power outlet.
- Allow the iron to cool down completely before storing it in a safe and dry place.
- Empty any remaining water from the water tank to prevent mineral buildup and corrosion.

By following these five steps, you can effectively use the TEFAL FV-2843M0 2600W Steam Iron to achieve smooth and wrinkle-free results on your garments.

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