Soehnle 65080 Venezia Digital Kitchen Scale

Soehnle 65080 Venezia Digital Kitchen Scale

Samsung Handsfree HS-130

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Product description


“Without music life can end up being a mistake” as one of the greatest musician in history quotes. Yes music could be a soul mate to you even if your fellow mates hate you or you’re lonely. Love grooving to the tunes which make your feet tap but can’t listen to them on the move? Now don’t regret it as you can with the Samsung handsfree HS-130 in-ear volume control earphones. Let the best rock your soul now.

This satisfies your personal taste. The user friendly design gives you great control on the music you love.

The Samsung HS-130 earphone features a lightweight and simple design. The softness of the buds does not create any irritation or discomfort when listening to the music. The sound output is great balancing the treble and bass to give enhanced sound quality to the listeners. It features thee buttons on the chord to provide volume control and one to answer your calls.

Technical specifications:

The frequency of the Samsung in-ear headset ranges from 20 HZ to 20 KHz that keeps the sound in control without damaging the eardrum. It also features a mic to help you with calls. The handsfree cable is 1.2m long, so you can easily slip the mobile into the pocket and enjoy the tunes. It weighs just about 11.8 grams.

Additional features:

The HS-130 headset features a dynamic driver which makes it compatible with all mobiles. The compact and ergonomic design with good user interface lets you change music and control volume as per your need. The tangle free chord will not leave it in a mess even if you keep it in your pocket.

Love to groove to your favourite tunes on the move? The Samsung HS-130 in-ear headset will keep your feet taping on the move.



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