The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a little bigger, a little more colorful, and a little more powerful than all prior Note phones. Now you can have the first mainstream 1TB phone in your hands, the Note 9 doesn’t actually feel any bigger than last year’s 6.3-inch Note 8, and it inherits a bunch of this year’s 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 and 6.8-inch Galaxy S9 Plus features. New camera is little better with a dual 12MP rear setup that has dual-aperture technology, and can record Super Slow Mo videos. Exclusive to the Note 9 camera are automatic scene optimizer and flaw detection features that enhance photos. The S Pen now has Bluetooth for remote-controlled shortcuts that is customizable. The Note 9 is meant for power users so be ready for high level of paying than the previous notes.As for 128 GB edition, price will be 1000 USD/450 OMR. Note 9 is available now in Oman.