Everyone who bought Samsung Galaxy Note 9 know well how stunning the performance, camera, storage and processor are. But here let’s discover together some cool features

About the strongest new comer from Note series.

Take longer Super slow-mo videos

One of the new features of the Galaxy Note 9's camera is the ability to record in 960-fps Super slo-mo for more detailed and cinematic-style video recording.

Use scene optimizer and flaw detection

The Note 9 has two new camera features powered by AI, one is a scene optimizer that adjusts the color and exposure settings and the other is a flaw detector that will notify you if the person in your shot moved or blinked.

Landscape mode in home screen?!

If you're that person who uses landscape mode a lot, now you don’t need to flip your phone when you leave an app. From Home Screen settings in your Note 9 you'll find Portrait mode only. Turn it off, and your home screen will rotate when your phone is turned sideways, just like your apps.