Vibroaction Slimming Massage Belt

Vibroaction Slimming Massage Belt

Waist Belt X5 Slim Super CE 22671

Waist Belt X5 Slim Super CE 22671

BodyCare Slimming Belt B05

BodyCare Slimming Belt B05 for Men and Women, Multi-use and high calorie burn.

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BodyCare Slimming Belt B05 for Men and Women, Multi-use and high calorie burn.

Specifications BodyCare Slimming Belt B05

Brand Name: BodyCare
model: B05
color: orange
type Belt for slimming
Item:  EAN2724563324417
heads: Multiple heads
size: medium 

Description BodyCare Slimming Belt B05

  • Body Care Slimming Belt for Men and Women
  • Multi use
  • Practical belt
  • High calorie burning
  • Works at 5500 rpm
  • Superior performance includes a premium controller
  • Noticeable effectiveness of the slimming process
  • Includes a density score of 5
  • Automatic
  • Manuel for finger tips
  • easy to use
  • It can be moved anywhere
  • Dissolves fat by local vibration
  • The body gets rid of fat by belt heat and heating rate
  • It is placed on the area to be lost such as the abdomen and buttocks
  • It can also be used for legs
  • Allows the user to control the temperature of the belt.

More details for BodyCare Slimming Belt B05

  • The B05 Slimming Belt contains Hi-Tech spiral 3D Motors
  • Includes a numeric indicator
  • Includes two engines
  • Belt connection cable
  • Super heating system
  • Include infrared
  • Safe to use
  • Equipped with body care technology
  • Includes a bag case for the belt
  • Can be carried during travel
  • Attached to the device is a digital remote control.
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